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  • 2022-05-23

    As children grow older, they are no longer as drowsy as they were at birth, become lively and energetic, so how to pass the time when the child is awake has become a problem, because many parents cannot stay with them all the time Children play. So parents and children have a demand for children's outdoor toys.

  • 2022-05-18

    ​Strictly speaking, pet toys subconsciously choose a way to vent their emotions, such as grinding teeth, pulling the owner's shoes and socks, and chasing moving objects, especially cats like to chase and play. The birth of pet toys, so the birth of pet toys, to a certain extent, meets the needs of pets in terms of emotions, as well as in the physiological aspect and in the interaction with the owner, which has played a very important role in deepening and deepening.

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Children's Toys

We always adhere to the excellent production mode, and are committed to optimize the operation process constantly to provide customers with the design, 3D drawing, handmade sample, mold tooling , production and assembly to export one-stop service.
Our highly qualified and well-experienced sales team will continue to provide comprehensive, efficient and satisfactory services for all the new and old customers. We sincerely look forward to establishing the business cooperation with you and warmly welcome to contact us for more details at any time.

  • Q What are our advantages compared with others?

    A Factory audit: Our factory has been audited by Disney, UNIVERSAL, LINDT and also passed
    the standard of Sedex 2p, Sedex 4PWCA 8 SQP, AND ISO90001
    Product Development: All OEM products are welcomed. Just supply us your product
    design, sketch or drawing. Our engineer department can help to follow 3D design, followd
    up by hand-made prototype sample(including hand engraving, CNC prototype and 3D
    printed model)
    Fast Delivery. we have more than 600 workers, More than 90% of workers are from the local
    city Our staff turnover is small, which can ensure the quality and quantity return on each
    production run, and ensure each customer's order delivery on time.

After many years of efforts, we are proud to be the leading manufactu-rer for many international famous companies.

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