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Domestic Toy Animal Development Trend

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Domestic Toy Animal Development Trend

In our production life, toy animals can be said to be everywhere, with the continuous development of science and technology and cultural industries, toys have not only had educational, and entertainment functions but also accompany the healthy and happy growth of children's necessities. As the world's leading toy producer and consumer countries, what is the development trend of domestic toy animals? Let's take a look at it.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Industry concentration is gradually increasing

  • Domestic enterprises pay more and more attention to building their brands

  • Domestic toy animal enterprises and animation industry cultivation and derivatives are in the initial stage of development

Industry concentration is gradually increasing

According to the development rules of the foreign toy industry, the more mature the development of the toy animal industry, the higher the concentration of the industry, and the more likely to breed famous brands. At present, the concentration of China's toy animal industry is not high, with a large number of enterprises but small scale, and the market share of individual enterprises is low. With the continuous improvement of toy safety and environmental standards at home and abroad, the requirements for raw materials and production processes are increasingly high, and toy manufacturers that do not meet the requirements will face rectification or even elimination of the situation. With the continuous development and expansion of brand-name toy enterprises, China's toy animal industry will embark on the road of organic growth.

Domestic enterprises pay more and more attention to building their brands

Toy animal enterprises with their brands have higher pricing power, and the added value brought by the brand is higher. As domestic toy animal enterprises pay more and more attention to R & D innovation, independent brand building, sales channel construction, etc., only domestic brand enterprises with independent innovation capabilities can keep pace with market changes in the development and design of various types of innovative products, improve product pricing capabilities, and maintain good customer relations and diversity of sales channels, increasingly prominent advantages in the competition.

Domestic toy animal enterprises and animation industry cultivation and derivatives are in the initial stage of development

In recent years, with the development of the domestic toy animal industry, the combination of toys and animation has gradually become the industry development trend. At present, most of China's animation enterprises are in the IP cultivation period, with fewer animation works, and have not yet produced internationally influential and well-known animation brands, resulting in the value of the authorization of animation images is not fully reflected, and at present, China's derivative licensing and development business is in the integration development stage. China has a deep cultural heritage and a good foundation for the animation industry. China's animation industry has a broad development prospect and will generate a huge market for animation toys. As the domestic animation industry continues to heat up, China's animation toy market has shown an explosive growth trend. Under this trend, domestic toy animal enterprises linking with explosive anime IP and producing related peripherals will get a win-win situation.

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