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Design expression of educational toys

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Design expression of educational toys

Children represent the future of the country and the future of mankind. Only by meeting the needs of children's excellent development can human society develop at a high speed. Children's intelligence begins to develop gradually during the preschool stage, and their personality gradually forms. According to relevant research, 3 years old, 4 years old, 3 to 5 years old, and 3 to 6 years old are the best times to recognize words, form digital concepts, develop musical inspiration, and cultivate imagination. Children are in an important period of perception, attention training, emotional expression, memory, and thinking development. Children's wishes and psychology are likely to be extremely mismatched in this special stage, but educational toys can make them greatly satisfied. The following are various design expressions of educational toys.

The following is a list of contents:

·Design expression of educational toys based on perception

·Educational toys design expression based on thinking style

·Design and expression of educational toys based on guidance

Design expression of educational toys based on perception

Perception means that when consumers receive external visual, tactile, auditory, and other signals, the brain processes and organize the information obtained by various senses into meaningful perceptual images and concepts. For packaging design, the most intuitive is visual perception; the complete understanding of visual perception is that the visual organ obtains the image of the objective object through the perception of light, and then forms a psychological feeling. Consumers have their unique sensory system for cognition of the world, which is an important basis for consumers to judge when purchasing products. Compared with ordinary toys, the factors that need to be considered are more complicated in the process of the packaging design of educational toys. As far as the visual perception brought by the number of colors used, the complexity of color use directly affects consumers' judgment of the complexity of educational toys. The more complex the color matching and shape, the more complex the toy operation will give users an intuitive feeling, and the original intention of educational toys is to allow users to achieve a certain degree of exercise while playing games. The use of simple or single color matching in the packaging design of educational toys will bring consumers’ perception of the toy compared to simple ones, and the use of color matching should be more abundant for educational toys that are more complicated to operate. In addition, there are associative expressions of toys in different color matching situations, such as brightness is accompanied by warmth and joy, and coldness is accompanied by calmness and sadness.

Educational toys design expression based on thinking style

The way of thinking originates from the processing of commodity intention information by consumers, and the essence of thinking is an association, that is, the processing of the content of commodity information seen. Growing children have strong imaginations, connect many unknown colors, shapes, and images with specific things in their upbringing, and have a curiosity that adults can't match. The packaging design of educational toys will make consumers consciously or unconsciously associate with a certain related thing or scene, to generate thinking and achieve emotional resonance. However, this emotional expression is uncertain, because users have different growth backgrounds, education levels, social experiences, and gender and personality differences, so they have different emotional experiences when facing the same educational toys packaging design. The emotional needs shown in the packaging design will also be different for different consumer groups of different products. In addition to taking into account the performance of visual art, the packaging design of educational toys also pays attention to children's emotional care and thinking, which is also an important potential factor that induces purchasing behavior.

Design and expression of educational toys based on guidance

The guiding method aims to help users reach their destination more conveniently through visual or behavioral guidance. The application in packaging design is to carry out targeted and appropriate guiding design of packaging through new design methods so that packaging design can be effective communication with consumers. Consumers choose the most suitable products from a wide variety of educational toys. This process itself requires designers to make a certain guiding expression in the packaging design of educational toys. The most prominent design is the shape of the packaging. For example, in daily life, consumers will repeatedly see the body image of themselves or others. The reproduction of the specific image will give consumers a natural sense of familiarity, but the use of the design is not only to imitate the shape and color but also to awaken the memory of the vast majority of consumers, which can resonate widely.

Children are an important stage in human development, and childhood is an important period in the formation of various abilities in one's life. In recent years, parents have paid more and more attention to their children's preschool education. As an important part of children's childhood, educational toys play a key role in the development of children's intelligence and various abilities. After reading the above content, if you are interested in educational toys, you can check our company's website www.tkchina.com.cn, we look forward to your arrival.

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